What is Carnuaba Wax?

What is Carnauba?
Carnauba is a vegetable wax (fat) obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm. Carnauba has an affinity to water, the ability to retain oil and has excellent gloss properties making it applicable in a vast variety of industries.

Where does it come from?
Carnauba Wax is exuded by the leaves of the Brazilian "Tree of Life" (Copernica Cerifera) to conserve the moisture within the tree and leaves. This 'Carnauba Palm' grows in the northern and northeastern parts of Brazil along the river banks, valleys, and lagoons where the soil is dark and fertile.

Carnauba is the world's hardest, purest, most transparent and also most expensive natural wax.

It is harvested for the upper side of leaves of the "Copernicia prunifera", a fan palm native to Northern Brazil, and is graded according to colour and clarity. The highest quality is classified as rare grade one carnauba.

Why use Carnuaba Wax on car paint?
The level of shine increases with the percentage of carnauba used in the wax formulation.

While conventional car waxes have a carnuaba content of between 3-5%, Iwan as a Professional Car Detailer will use formulations containing between 30-70% by volume.

Unlike ordinary "polish" which simply polishes a paint surface shiny while the lower layers of paint get dryer and "starve", Iwan as a Professional Car Detailer will use carnauba formulations, enriched with passion fruit, orange, avocado and vanilla oils, restore the deep shine to the paintwork, resulting in an intense unique "wet look". valuable oils of the original paint finish.

These essential oils, such as cinnamon, avocado and vanilla, used as carriers for the wax, give these products their wonderful aromas and create a swirl-free gloss. In fact it is this exclusive formula which creates a glow that goes beyond normal perceptions of "shiny".


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