Detailing clay - What? Where? Why? When?

What is Detailing Clay?
Detailing Clay is a type of synthetic or man-made clay with a special type of abrasive in it.

What Does Detailing Clay Do?
Clay has the ability to remove contaminants that are bonded to your vehicle's paint that will not come off when your vehicle is simply washed or wiped clean. In simple terms, it works to abrade off anything sticking to the paint above the surface level. It then glides over the surface of the paint but it does sand or abrade the paint itself.

Any smooth surface , including glossy paint, glass, hard plastic, chrome, stainless steel, and gel coat.


Why Use Detailing Clay?
By removing any contaminants from the paint, your choice of wax, coating or sealant can more easily bond or adhere, thus it can last and protect longer.

When Do Professional Car Detailers Use Detailing Clay?
Professional car detailers use detailing clay anytime they discover a rough or textured feel to your vehicle's paint. How of often you need to have car clayed will depend upon the environment where your car is parked. Normally your vehicle will require claying after washing and drying and prior any other paint-related procedure undertaken by a professional car detailer.


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