Frequently Asked Questions

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Call me on 01678 540750 or 07947 609 637 or email me at: iwan@lloydjonesdetailing.com

Alternatively, click here to fill out an online form.

At your home or work, whichever is convenient.

1 day enhancement detail £200 (NB a heavily soiled vehicle may require several days cleaning - 1 day enhancement is only appropriate for relatively light/medium levels of soiling - requiring minimum work)

2 day enhancement detail £395 (Large SUV/Large Executive Car)

3 day Paint Correction £595

cabriolet roof protection £95-£150 (price dependent on level of soiling and specific requirements regarding protection)

All my details include engine wash and interior work and a 3 day detail also includes wheel removal, please contact me for further details.

Click here to download a Request To Start Work form.

Detailing involves paint rectification / correction process in order to get the paint looking its best i.e. free from swirl marks, scratches and other blemishes ruining the appearance.

These are removed through the use of a machine polisher, usually a fixed rotary polisher but sometimes a Dual Action polisher is used on delicate paint or for the refining stage.

This is combined with a selection of abrasive polishes and pads designed to remove defects, polish the surface and leave a flawless hologram and swirl-free finish.

Car detailing is about cleaning every surface possible on the car, including the removal of certain parts such as wheels, in order to get access to otherwise unreachable areas such as suspension, arch liners and brake components, certain metalwork and access to cleaning the wheels inner rim if required.
Car detailing goes beyond a set routine such as: snowfoaming, washing, clay bar, polishing and waxing.

I am Fully Insured.

Call me on 01678 540750 or 07947 609 637 or email me at: iwan@lloydjonesdetailing.com

Please note that access to an external tap and electricity is required for the work to carried out at your work or home i.e a pressure washer and vacuum cleaner will be used during the process

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