Interior Detailing

  • The interiors of vehicles are often subject to as much abuse as the exterior surfaces, yet are often neglected when it comes to detailing:
  • Bacteria are brought in by pets and all manner of other biological nasties are deposited by way of sweating, coughing, sneezing, vomiting or worse. In addition to the dirt and bacteria deposited by the occupants, the interiors of cars are subject to degradation by exposure to the more harmful rays of the sun, and the effects of regular variations in temperature and moisture content.
  • Over time, porous surfaces such as vinyl and rubber tend to dry out, becoming increasingly brittle and in danger of cracking and splitting.
    The UV rays from the sun further degrade plastic and vinyl surfaces, resulting in fading and further surface damage.
  • Large variations in moisture content, particularly during the winter months, can encourage the formation of mould and mildew, which can give rise to unpleasant musty odours.
  • Badly stained fabrics and/or carpets, obvious mould or mildew, unpleasant musty odours and strong tobacco smoke odours - I can remedy these problems using specialist chemicals and professional cleaning equipment.
  • I strongly recommend that you detail the interior of your car on a monthly basis and clean and protect any leather present on a quarterly basis.


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