Buying a new car and under the impression it will arrive in a near perfect condition ?

A high percentage of new cars leave the factory production line with many defects such as polishing holograms.

In some cases once your vehicle arrives at the dealership your pride and joy could be sat in the dealer compound for a number of days being subject to a variety of contaminants such as bird droppings and iron contamination, these contaminants can cause etching and particle impregnation of the paintwork.

Dealerships and Valeting Companies do offer protection packages like Supagard, Diamond Brite and Autoglym lifeshine that cost between £200 to £600 but usually these are poorly applied and thus no benefit to you as a customer.

Iwan will meticulously clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle and then proceed to correct and polish the paintwork to highest possible standard in order to meet your expectations.

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