Industrial fallout occurs when small airborne metal particles settle on the surface of your car and bond to it.

Industrial fallout commonly comes from railway lines and metal production/fabrication processes found in industrial areas and the contamination occurs when a car is parked in these areas.

It is a fairly common problem but many people either don’t notice it until damage has been done, or if they do notice it they don’t know what it is or how to deal with it.

Although industrial fallout can look severe and even irreversible there are a few ways in which it can be removed depending on how badly affected the area.

If the fallout is not too severe and has not been sitting on the surface for long, professional claying may well be able to safely and effectively lift off the metal contaminants.

If the contamination is quite severe and has began to oxidize then the chances are that claying will not remove it.

Here we have another example of why it is important to ensure your car is regularly cleaned, polished and protected.

If your car has been properly polished and has a good quality wax or synthetic sealant applied then this will help to protect the paintwork from such problems and would make it much easier to remove than on a car that has not been correctly cared for.

Regular professional cleaning of your car also ensures that you will catch things like this before they have a chance to inflict any real damage.

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