10 Most Stylish Haircuts And Hairstyles That Requires Low Maintenance 

The Lob

A trendy and flexible haircut, the Lob, short for "long bob," suits many hair types. You get the elegance of long hair and the manageability of short hair with this unique cut.

Pixie Cut

Creative cuts like the Pixie Cut are great for daring looks. Celebrities and trendsetters love this short, stylish style. What makes the Pixie Cut elegant and low-maintenance?

Long Layered Bob

Long Layered Bobs are very popular creative cuts. For a fashionable, low-maintenance haircut, this adaptable hairdo strikes the right mix between length and manageability.

Sleek Angled Bob

A classy and modern creative cut, the Sleek Angled Bob may be suit you. This haircut starts sharply in the rear and gets longer in front.

Shag Haircut

For rock 'n' roll-inspired creative cuts, try the Shag Haircut. Stylish since the 1970s, this haircut still makes a statement.

A-Line Bob

The A-Line Bob is a trendy, adaptable, and creative cut. This trendy haircut has shorter hair in the back and longer in the front, producing an angled effect. 

Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs are a trendy way to spice up any haircut. This edgy fringe may instantly transform your image, whether you have long or short hair.

Curly Bob

Want to showcase your naturally curly hair with a creative cut? Look no farther than Curly Bob! This sleek, low-maintenance haircut is ideal for curly hair that needs a makeover.

Side-Swept Pixie

Want an edgy, easy-to-maintain cut? Perhaps the Side-Swept Pixie is right for you. This chic pixie cut update is sure to turn heads.

Tapered Bob

Looking for a creative, elegant, and simple cut? The Tapered Bob may be the answer. This classic hairstyle is chic, low-maintenance, and adaptable.