10Things Poor People Waste Money on, According to Suze Orman

Relying on Credit Cards

While credit cards are convenient, high interest rates can quickly negate any benefits if the balance isn't paid in full monthly.

Frequenting Bars and Pubs

Spending on social activities like drinking at bars can quickly add up. Opting for more affordable social gatherings.


Gambling might seem like a shortcut to wealth, but Buffett emphasizes understanding the odds. He urges making financial decisions.

Chasing the Latest  Technology

New gadgets are tempting, but last year s models often work just as well. Buffett prefers functional over flashy tech.

Overspending on Clothes

Buffett and other billionaires favor simplicity in their wardrobes. Choosing classic, durable clothes over flashy.

Buying New Cars

Cars depreciate rapidly. Buffett recommends buying pre-owned cars and holding onto them as long as they are reliable.

Unused Gym Memberships

While promoting an active lifestyle, Buffett cautions against unused gym memberships. Free or low-cost fitness routines.

Unnecessary Subscription Services

Subscription services can become a financial drain if not carefully monitored. Regularly review and cancel those.

Over-Reliance on Skincare Products

Buffett advises against overusing or needlessly combining skincare products. A simple and effective routine.


Smoking is a costly habit beyond its health implications. Quitting can lead to significant personal budget savings.