5 Benefits of a Strong Core That Have Nothing To Do With Six-Pack Abs

It moves and protects the spine

The American Council on Exercise states that the primary function of the core is to move and stabilize the spine. Whether you're doing yoga or retrieving a shoe off the floor

It may reduce low back pain and injury risk

Although the exact causes of persistent low back pain are unknown, one possibility is a weakening of the stabilizing core muscles.

It enhances balance

Good balance is correlated with a robust core. According to a modest 2018 study published in Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics, core stability training is associated with increased balance and stability

It boosts performance

According to a 2013 analysis published in Sports Health, your core muscles cooperate to transfer force between the upper and lower extremities during everyday activities

It supports healthy posture

Don't ignore the back and deep trunk muscles in your exercise regimen since they are an important part of your core and help you maintain proper posture, advises Froelich.