7 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Buy pre-loved

The most effective way of keeping your carbon footprint as small as can be during redecoration is to buy pre-loved furniture and decorations. Head to eBay and Gumtree

Choose your wood carefully

Purchasing furniture bearing the FSC's seal ensures that the wood was harvested in accordance with the organization's ten ecological principles, making it far more environmentally friendly than regular furniture.

Choose thermal curtains

You can save money on energy costs for years to come by switching out your old curtains for their thermal alternatives. This is an easy choice because it benefits the environment and your pocketbook equally.

Buy low-VOC paint

Painting a space is one of the most cost-effective methods to give it a new lease on life. But it's crucial to understand that not all paint is made equally. Indeed, a wide range of noxious substances known as volatile organic compounds

Avoid carpet

Avoid carpeting your home if you want to make the most environmentally friendly decorating choices. Packed with chemicals and pollutants, it damages the environment during manufacturing

Choose the right candles

Nothing sets the mood in your house on an evening quite like the cozy glow of a candle. If you want to cause the least amount of damage to the environment, you must be selective about the candles you select.

Add plants to your home

Carbon dioxide is taken up by houseplants and transformed into oxygen. They also clean the air by absorbing a large amount of dangerous poisons and pollutants.