7 Makeup Tips Your Mother Taught You That Are Actually Wrong

Using All Powder Products

Powder was formerly the main face and eye makeup, giving it a flat, dry appearance. When liquid blushes, bronzers, and eye shadows hit the market, many individuals discovered how dewy and beautiful their skin could appear without powder.

Separating Your Lashes With A Safety Pin

Obviously, this was a bad idea. Safety pins, formerly popular for long, separated, spidery lashes, are too risky. Modern drugstore lash-separating tools don't poke your eye.

Skipping Blush

Chances are your mother didn't blush much unless she was channeling the 1980s. However, blush has become one of the most popular cosmetic items, particularly among younger generations who desire to appear sun-kissed and flushed.

Curling Your Lashes After Applying Mascara

Not only does this outdated technique risk pulling out your lashes, it can also make them look crimped, which is decidedly not the end goal when curling your eyelashes. Curl before you apply to ensure safety and a seamless look.

Choosing Overly Light Under-eye Concealer

Many individuals assumed that more, extra fair concealer was the only way to fight dark circles, but it's the fastest way to appear washed out or "gray cast." Choose a hue one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Covering Your Whole Face In Vaseline

Though we adore Vaseline, “what works for your grandmother might not work for you.” After “slugging”—slathering Vaseline on your face—became trendy, Vaseline returned to the beauty industry.

Lining Only Your Waterline

Unfortunately, this was the most common technique to apply eyeliner, which makes your eyes seem smaller. Line the outside of the lash line to make your eyes seem larger and more alert. Avoid the waterline and inner corners.