7 Shoulder Exercises for Strength and Stability

Dumbbell front raise                    

This exercise works well for isolating the anterior deltoid, or front shoulder, muscles. With your palms toward your legs, hold dumbbells in front of you while standing.

Dumbbell lateral raise

Your upper back and posterior deltoids are engaged when you lift laterally. Hold dumbbells while standing with your hands facing each other. Raise your arms out from your sides in broad arcs to around shoulder level, keeping your elbows and knees slightly bent.

Reverse fly

This exercise stimulates the rhomboid and middle trapezius muscles of your upper back in addition to your posterior deltoids. Hold dumbbells while standing with your hands facing each other.

Seated military press

Along with building anterior, medial and rear deltoid strength, this exercise also targets the upper back. Sitting, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and raise both weights to shoulder level with palms facing out and elbows bent.

Standing dumbbell shoulder press

When you lift weight overhead while standing, your core is worked as your body stabilizes and all of your shoulder and upper arm muscles are used.

One-arm dumbbell push press

This integrates full-body power development with shoulder exercises to significantly increase your strength in overhead pressing motions.

Plank dumbbell shoulder raise

This workout is very effective and time-efficient since it combines a tried-and-true core development exercise with a standard shoulder developer. Assume a plank posture with the dumbbells in your hands and on your toes for support.