7 Things You Should Never Ever Clean With Vinegar, According to a Scientist and a Cleaning Expert

Cast Iron

Zhang advises against vinegar for cast iron; it strips seasoning, causing rust. Instead, she suggests cleaning with mild soap and water


Protect your hardwood floors and furniture by avoiding vinegar; opt for a cleaner made for hardwood surfaces instead.

Stainless Steel

Vinegar cleans stainless steel, but prolonged use or high concentrations may cause damage. Opt for mild soap or stainless steel cleaner

Natural Stone Countertops

Avoid vinegar on marble or granite countertops. Its acid can harm surfaces. Opt for cleaners designed for natural stone.

Electronics' Screens

Avoid using vinegar on electronic screens; it can damage coatings. Opt for a microfiber cloth and screen-safe cleaner instead.

Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Avoid using vinegar for cleaning appliances like dishwashers or washing machines; its acid can damage rubber parts, causing premature breakdown


Vinegar cleans grout but damages it over time. Avoid mold and damage, use grout cleaner or baking soda with water