8 Best Rosemary Companion Plants to Help Repel Pests


Growing lavender with rosemary is ideal due to their similar care needs. Both thrive in Mediterranean climates and add delightful fragrance to your garden, attracting pollinators and beneficial insects.


Rosemary repels pests like cabbage moths that often attack brassicas (e.g., cauliflower, Brussels sprouts). Since rosemary needs less water, consider planting it in a pot near your vegetable garden.


Sage and rosemary thrive together in well-draining soil and full sun. Their complementary foliage and flowers create an attractive and practical garden combination.


Rosemary's strong aroma masks the scent of carrot leaves, protecting carrots from carrot flies. Planting rosemary nearby can help safeguard your carrot crops from these pests.


Both rosemary and oregano prefer bright sun and dry soil, making them easy to care for together. Their similar needs simplify watering and maintenance, though oregano is more cold-hardy.


Rosemary's scent hides bean plants from bean beetles, reducing damage and disease transmission. This pairing helps beans stay healthier and more productive.


Thyme, like rosemary, enjoys sunny and dry conditions. Low-growing thyme varieties can act as groundcovers, suppressing weeds around rosemary plants.

Sweet Alyssum

Pairing rosemary with sweet alyssum enhances pest resistance. Rosemary deters pests, while alyssum attracts beneficial insects that prey on garden nuisances.