8 Best Shrubs for Shade That Thrive Without Much Sun

Abelia is a low-maintenance flowering shrub ideal for foundation beds and mixed borders. It features fragrant, bell-shaped flowers from late spring to fall, and its glossy green leaves turn purple-bronze.


Known as the gold dust plant, Aucuba thrives in shady borders with its yellow-speckled evergreen foliage. It provides color and texture year-round.


Azaleas offer vibrant spring blooms and thrive in rich, acidic soil. Some varieties bloom again in fall, and they can perform well for decades, especially in the southeastern U.S.


With large, colorful flowers, bigleaf hydrangeas brighten up shady areas. They are great for hedges, mixed borders, or container gardens.

Bigleaf Hydrangea

This shrub attracts butterflies with its summer-blooming white flowers and serves as an effective screen, reaching up to 12 feet tall.

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Camellias are winter bloomers with red, pink, or white flowers. They have a dense branching habit and glossy green leaves, making them attractive year-round.


Kerria produces bright yellow flowers in spring and tolerates a range of conditions, including dry or wet soils and heavy shade.


Leucothoe offers year-round interest with reddish bronze foliage that turns dark green, and white or cream flower clusters in late spring.