8 Cool New Hairstyles for Back to School

Celtic Knot Style

Achieve waves by curling or using a heatless method like braiding overnight. Then, create a small braid, a bobby-pin design, or a fun twist.

Half-Up Hairbow

 Start with curls from the night before, touch up with a shine mist, and fashion a hair bow for an adorable style statement.

Half-Down Buns

Use relaxed waves to create a trendy half-up half-down hairstyle with galaxy-inspired buns, perfect for making a statement.

Curly Pull Braid

Curl the mid-section of your hair and secure it with clear elastic bands for a feminine half-up half-down look, featuring a stylish pull-through braid.

Relaxed Fishtail Updo

Sweep your hair back into a French fishtail braid that wraps into a side bun, leaving loose volume for a relaxed yet elegant finish.

4-Strand Braid

Opt for a simple yet intriguing 4-strand waterfall loop braid, ideal for all hair lengths, with tips for adding volume to fine hair.

Wispy Dutch Updo

Create a big side braid and soft wispy hair, suitable for short hair or medium to long hair pulled into a knot at the nape of the neck for a secure all-day style.

Faux Bubble Braid

Add flair to your casual look with a faux bubble braid, complemented by tendrils framing your face, perfect for a back-to-school hairstyle.

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