8 Cream Cheese Dips That'll Have Everyone Clamoring For The Recipe

Million Dollar Dip: 

We made a 15-minute dip from the popular cheese ball. The chive-and-onion cream cheese, mayonnaise, and extra-sharp Cheddar cheese are balanced with crunchy almonds and bacon.

Tex-Mex Skillet Poblano Dip:

At this point, it is reasonable to anticipate that you will not have any leftovers of this delectable dip. Additionally, if you are collecting a huge number of people, you may want to go ahead and double it.

Rotel Sausage Dip:

At your next tailgate or watch party, you have no reason not to offer this fan-favorite dip since it just requires six ingredients and your slow cooker on your list of things to bring.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip:

This crowd-pleasing dip ought to be at the top of the list when it comes to hosting hacks since it is attractive to the audience. This chicken dip, which has a hint of heat, will have everyone grabbing for a chip as soon as it is brought to the table.

Skillet Spinach-Artichoke Dip:

The spinach-artichoke dip recipe is so excellent you don't want to change it. We could only make it meltier and gooier by frying it in a cast-iron pan.

Creamy Crab Dip:

This lighter version of layered crab dip uses sour cream and mayo instead of cream cheese and Old Bay spice instead of cocktail sauce.

Austin Diner-Style Queso:

Prepare to ruin your supper with this gooey queso. We eat tortilla chips and queso before dinner at restaurants for a reason, and this homemade version is no exception.

Baked BLT Dip:

The classic sandwich made creamy for dipping crostinis. There's plenty of bacon. A lot means a pound.