8 Foods That Never Bake in a Slow Cooker

Cooking rice too long can make it overly starchy and gummy. Use instant rice towards the end of cooking or choose resilient varieties like wild rice.


Slow cooking can make pasta lose its shape and turn mushy. Add pasta near the end of cooking or incorporate it into baked dishes such as lasagna for better texture.


Bacon won't achieve its crispy texture in a slow cooker. Instead, it becomes slimy and unappetizing. For crispy results, cook bacon separately in the oven or stovetop.


Delicate seafood like fish and shellfish overcooks easily in a slow cooker, resulting in a rubbery texture. It’s better to cook seafood using faster methods like grilling or sautéing.


Slow cooking doesn’t allow alcohol to evaporate properly, leaving a strong, boozy flavor in your dish. Add alcohol at the beginning to allow more cooking time for it to mellow out.


Milk and other dairy products can curdle under slow cooker heat, creating a lumpy, unappetizing texture. Add dairy products near the end of cooking to avoid curdling.


Adding frozen items can keep the slow cooker’s temperature too low for safe and effective cooking. Always thaw foods completely before placing them in the slow cooker.

Frozen Food

Certain beans like kidney beans have toxins that aren’t destroyed by the low temperatures of slow cooking. Always soak, rinse, and boil beans.


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