8 French Footwear Brands That Every Parisian Girl Is Wearing


French brand known for high-quality ballet shoes and iconic Cendrillon flats, favored by dancers and fashionistas alike.

Roger Vivier

Esteemed luxury footwear brand credited with inventing the stiletto heel, celebrated for elegant designs adorned by fashion icons.


Chic Brazilian sneaker brand crafted with sustainability in mind, using organic materials favored by celebrities for its ethical fashion stance.

Christian Louboutin

Renowned for red-lacquered soles and daring designs that emphasize empowerment and luxury, beloved by celebrities worldwide.

Pierre Hardy

Celebrated for geometric and architectural shoe designs that fuse artistry with bold aesthetics, launched in 1999.

Laurence Dacade

Parisian brand blending French sensuality with chic sophistication, known for vibrant designs and comfort-focused craftsmanship.


Synonymous with modern French girl fashion, offering accessible-priced footwear and sustainability initiatives under Morgane Sézalory's vision.


Family-run artisanal leather sandal brand from Saint-Tropez, embodying timeless Riviera style with durable, handmade designs.