8 Ingenious Hacks for Maximizing Small Living Spaces

This dining table folds onto the wall while folding chairs hang above it, making an otherwise cramped kitchen feel more spacious.

1. Add a Fold-Up Table

Drawers, shelves, and cabinets don t let the space under your stairs go to waste.

2. Utilize Storage Under the Stairs

It might sound counterintuitive, but large, relaxing pieces like a big bed, sofa, or bathtub can make it seem like you have more space. Invest in the pieces that help you relax the most.

3. Splurge on a King-Sized Bed

Imagine how stuffy a room would feel without skylights. More light gives the feeling of greater space and provides views to the outdoors.

4. Install a Skylight

Try extending a room to gain more space. A little can go a long way. Or, use unused space, like from a walkway connecting to the garage.

5. Expand a Room

Sliding mirrored wardrobe doors and gloss or semi-gloss paint finishes help to reflect light and make rooms feel more expansive.

6. Use Mirrors and Gloss Finishes

Bringing nature inside makes a space feel more open and brightens the mood. It works especially well in city apartments.

7. Grow Indoor Plants

Renting tools from hardware stores is helpful, but look into local community lending schemes or discuss borrowing and lending with neighbors. This can free up space by eliminating items you use sporadically.

8. Share with Neighbors