8 Interesting Things Men Start Doing After 50 That They Didn't Do Before

John recommends this number of visits as a minimum. He advised more for more medical concerns.

Remember that a $300 cavity may become a $1,500 root canal, which can lead to a $2,000 crown, so it's best to just spend $300 and get it fixed

If you're uncomfortable with your GP or don't have one, visit a sexual health facility. Get tested it's better to know, he urged.

HPV vaccinations are covered by most US insurance, but he largely touted free health care in Canada.

Time is crucial for this one. PEPs are more effective in preventing HIV if given within 72 hours after probable exposure.

A roof over their heads is more crucial, and you don't want to give landlords any reason to remove you. Pay rent on time.

I know we want new phones.Please keep your phone as long as possible.

Your list is saved if you cancel and reactivate your membership two months later. Try to save money by saving goods and paying for it monthly.