8 Muscle Building Foods for Lean Muscle


Egg protein is high-quality.Trusted Source may aid muscle growth and recuperation. Eggs are high in leucine. To maximize muscle growth protein synthesis, this is crucial.


Salmon is good for health and muscle strengthening. Salmon has 17 gTrusted Source protein, 1.5 g omega-3 fatty acids, and many B vitamins every 3-ounce (85-g) meal.

Chicken breast

Due to their protein content, chicken breasts are a muscle-building essential. This high-quality protein source has 26.7 g every 3-ounce (85-g) serving. Niacin and B6 are abundant in chicken breasts.

Greek yogurt

The combination in dairy is healthful.Good source of fast-digesting whey and slow-digesting casein protein. But not all dairy is equal. Greek yogurt often has double the protein of normal yogurt.


Per 85-g 3-ounce meal, tuna offers roughly 20 gTrusted Source of protein. It is rich in vitamin A, B12, niacin, and B6. These nutrients matter.Reliable for maximum health, energy, and activity.

Lean beef

Beef's packedReliable protein, B vitamins, minerals, and creatine source. Some evidence suggests that lean red meat may boost lean mass gains from exercise. Choose beef that encourages muscle growth without adding calories for building muscle.


Nearly all shrimp are protein. Each 3-ounce (85-g) meal has 19 gTrusted Source protein, 1.44 g fat, and 1 g carbohydrates. Shrimp, like other animal proteins, is rich in leucine. Maximal muscular growth requires this.


A half-cup (86 g) of cooked soybeans provides 16 g of protein and healthful unsaturated fats. Vitamin K, iron, and phosphorus are also found in them. Iron supports organs, bones, and muscular growth. Your blood and muscles utilize it to store and transfer oxygen.