8 Popular Roof Styles and Materials to Consider for Your Home

Gable Roof Design

The simplest gable roof features a pitched triangular shape with two sloping sides. In Georgian homes, these sides slope along the front and back, with the triangular gable visible from the side.

Gable Roof Styles

Gently sloping gable roofs are common in ranch-style houses, making the roof less prominent from the street. Choose roofing materials that blend with your siding.

Hip Roof Design

Hip roofs, seen on many modern homes, have four sloping sides forming a peak or ridge. They often include dormer windows for added storage or living space, contributing to a home's aesthetic and functionality.

Dormer Roof Designs

Dormers are windows extending outward from a sloped roof, each with its own pitched, arched, or flat roof. Dormers enhance natural light and airflow while adding dimension and interest to the roofline.

Gambrel Roof Style

Gambrel roofs have two symmetrical slopes on each side, a gentle angle transitioning to a steeper slope. Common in Dutch Colonial homes and farmhouses.

Mansard Roof Style

Mansard roofs, popular in Europe, have four double-sloped sides meeting in a flat or low-pitched ridge. Dormers often add light to the lower slope.

Flat Roof Styles

Flat roofs, typical of contemporary homes, require durable materials to ensure water runoff. Though appearance is less critical, selecting materials that handle significant snow loads is essential in cold climates.

Dutch Colonial Roof Design

Visible from the curb, these roofs benefit from natural materials like wood shingles or fire-retardant synthetic substitutes.