8 Simple Ways To Transform Your Patio With Flowers And Plants

Mount potted plants on a blank wall to create a living plant wall. Fill planters with low-maintenance trailing plants, succulents, or herbs to bring greenery and life to your outdoor space.

Arrange a Living Plant Wall

Transform a simple rug with a DIY "block print" design. Use a stencil to outline a pattern with a washable marker and fill it in with white acrylic paint for a customized, floral flair.

Upgrade an Outdoor Rug

Introduce a pop of color to your outdoor dining area by mixing and matching dining chairs. Brightly colored chairs at the heads of a wooden dining table add a fun and vibrant touch.

Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Create a peaceful outdoor oasis with a custom canopy bed. Add a sheepskin topper for extra comfort and linen drapes for privacy, perfect for lounging or napping.

Make a Canopy Bed

Arrange two sofas or a sofa and a pair of chairs directly across from each other to foster conversation. Include a coffee table for snacks and stools that can double as drink tables or extra seating.

Create a Conversation Space

Add a cozy and welcoming ambiance to your patio by stringing up warm lights. This simple addition can transform the mood of your outdoor space.

String Up Lights

Elevate your outdoor dining experience by bringing luxurious touches outside. Use colorful glassware, elegant dishes, fresh flower arrangements, and tapered candles of varying heights

Set the Table

Opt for a low-maintenance solution by installing artificial turf in between patio pavers. It is also weaves in comfy seating, all arranged around an outdoor fireplace.

Use Artificial Grass