8 Stunning Blue Shade Perennials

A tough and shade-tolerant perennial, bigroot geranium boasts colorful flowers in spring and outstanding fall foliage. It's heat and drought-resistant, making it a low-maintenance choice for your garden.

Bigroot Geranium

Add elegance to your shade garden with toad lily, featuring unique orchid-like flowers in shades of purple or blue. Easy to grow, it thrives in moist, well-drained soil and adds a graceful touch to any shady spot.

Toad Lily

Known for its attractive leaves, ajuga produces blue flowers in spring and offers various foliage colors and flower options. It makes an excellent groundcover, spreading outward with creeping stems in shady areas.


Showy and easy to grow, hostas come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with leaves ranging from green to gold and variegated patterns. Some cultivars produce fragrant flowers and thrive in both full shade and full sun


A favorite in shade gardens, old-fashioned bleeding heart features fern-like foliage and heart-shaped pink or white flowers on arching stems in late spring and early summer.

Bleeding Heart

With clusters of yellow flowers that bloom from late spring to frost, yellow corydalis is a long-blooming shade perennial with attractive gray-green foliage. Deadhead the fading flowers to prevent self-seeding.

Yellow Corydalis

Despite its unusual name, lungwort is an attractive shade plant with silvery-spotted foliage and clusters of pink, white, or blue flowers in spring. Deer and rabbits typically leave it alone, making it a low-maintenance choice


Producing clusters of pink, purple, or white flowers from mid-spring onwards, deadnettle is a reliable shade plant with silver-infused foliage that brightens shady corners. Keep it moist for best results.