9 Unique Vertical Garden Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Reuse trash bins as planters to dress up a wall or fence with rope or twine. Amp up the look by painting them in bold hues.

Upcycled Vertical Planters

Use cedar wood and wall planter hooks to build an outdoor stand. This keeps white painted pots securely in place.

DIY Vertical Plant Stand

Easily recreate a vertical garden with hanging planters. Choose patterned ceramic holders and tie them securely with rope.

Potted Hanging Planters

Create a simple design by using hanging cup holders as planters arranged in a fun pattern on a wooden mount.

Upcycled Wood Pallet

Perfect for small succulents or air plants, this easy hanging design doesn't take up much space and looks stylish.

Hanging Diamond Planters

Use small wood pieces to craft your own planter. Attach it to a fence or wall to display your plants creatively.

DIY Wooden Box Wall Planter

Showcase live or artificial plants with these minimalist hanging planters. Display an array in one section or hang from your porch ceiling.

Hanging Globe Planters

Use same color and size planters for a floral display nailed in an asymmetrical pattern on your fence for a unique look.

Asymmetrical Fence Garden

Repurpose empty bottles by cutting open the bottom, painting faces on them, and using rope to hang them indoors or outdoors.

Hanging Water Bottle Planters