How to Grow Beard on Cheeks: 6 Proven Practices

Allowing your beard to grow out is sometimes the best course of action. In areas where hair growth is sparser, this growth may be sufficient to conceal those areas.

Grow Out Your Beard

One over-the-counter drug that is available in gel or cream form is minoxidil. It is frequently applied to the scalp to cure hair loss.

Use Minoxidil

Consider growing a different kind of beard if you are unable to grow a full beard. Consider giving a goatee or moustache a shot.

Change Beard Styles

Microneedling is a medical technique in which your face is punctured with tiny needles to stimulate blood flow.

Try Micro-needling

In case natural remedies and over-the-counter medications are ineffective, you may consider getting a beard transplant.

Beard Transplant

Beard growth tonics and serums are just two examples of the many fantastic hair care and hair growth solutions available that could be of assistance to you.

Use Supplements or Serums