If you love food, these 8 Europe destinations are for you

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is redefining its culinary identity beyond traditional Czech dishes like smoked sausages and dumplings.

Alaçat1, Turkey 

Alaçat1, a town on Turkey's Aegean coast, has evolved from a quaint fishing village into a chic culinary destination.

Venice, Italy

Venice, known for its stunning beauty and rich culinary heritage, offers authentic dining experiences away from tourist traps.

Berlin, Germany

This restaurant specializes in various types of knödel (bread dumplings) and käsespätzle (egg noodle dumplings with cheese and onions).

Istanbul, Turkey 

Istanbul, bridging Europe and Asia, offers a rich culinary tapestry. From upscale dining at Mikla, blending Scandinavian and Istanbul flavors, to street delights like pide, lahmacun, simit, and kebabs, the city satisfies every palate.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, with its medieval charm and cultural attractions, also boasts an impressive culinary scene. Known for its beer and chocolate, Bruges has a high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Parma, Italy

Parma, in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, is renowned for its food culture, particularly Parma ham and parmigiano reggiano.

Seville, Spain

The city's oldest bar, El Rinconcillo, dating back to the 1670s, offers traditional tapas like bacalao a la roteña paired with fino sherry.