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If You re a Woman Over 60, This Is How To Wear Bangs in 2024

Pixie with Feathered Side Bangs

No age limit on style! This versatile pixie cut suits both older women and young adults. Play with metallic highlights or a two-tone color for extra flair.

Anti-Age Rounded Bangs

Softening your mature face is a breeze with rounded bangs. They can accentuate your cheekbones and eyes, offering a rejuvenating touch to your look.

Red Brown Layered Angled Bob

Embrace your voluminous mane with this mid-length layered bob. Add red and burgundy tones for a vibrant, personality-filled appearance.

Medium Bob with a Side Fringe

Elegant and practical, this medium bob with wispy layers adds volume to fine hair. Opt for platinum blonde or a shade close to your natural color for a polished finish.

Wispy Fringe Bangs and Shaggy Haircut

Effortless meets chic with a shaggy haircut paired with wispy fringe bangs. It's a casual, free-spirited style that exudes laid-back charm.

Cute Choppy Colorful Bangs

Unleash your inner flair with colorful choppy bangs. Add highlights or lowlights in various hues for a playful twist on mature style.

Short Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

Classic meets modern with a short blonde bob and wispy bangs. Elevate your look with a bright blonde hue for a fresh, youthful vibe.

Barely There Long Side Fringe

Older women can't rock subtle fringes? Opt for a long, barely-there fringe for an elegant, sophisticated touch to your hairstyle.