The 10 best young actors working in Hollywood

Pugh can play any genre, from emotional dramas like Midsommar and Don't Worry Darling to blockbusters like Black Widow and the Dune sequel. She got her first Oscar nomination at 24 for Little Women, and it won't be her last.

Florence Pugh

Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, became a surprise pop cultural smash on Netflix. Ortega started acting on the Disney Channel before playing the dark, eccentric character to perfection.

Jenna Ortega

Like many others, Austin Butler started on Nickelodeon and Disney shows. Butler had strong supporting roles in Hollywood blockbusters like Once Upon a Time in his 20s.

Austin Butler

Zendaya, 26, is a Hollywood powerhouse. The new Spider-Man trilogy and The Greatest Showman propelled Zendaya from the Disney Channel to mainstream fame. Her gritty and mature drug addict role in HBO's Euphoria earned her critical acclaim and two Emmys.


Timothée Chalamet is a Hollywood darling, yet he's in big films with great directors for a reason. Chalamet was nominated for an Oscar for his sensitive performance in Call Me By Your Name.

Timothée Chalamet

Storm Reid, 19, has approximately 30 acting credits. Having played supporting roles in TV shows like Euphoria, When They See Us, and The Last of Us, as well as films like The Invisible Man and The Suicidal Squad, Reid has accomplished a lot.

Storm Reid

In 2017, Barry Keoghan made waves as a nice young man in Dunkirk and a psychopathic teenager in The Killing of the Sacred Deer. Keoghan has since starred in Marvel and DC blockbusters and independent films

Barry Keoghan

 She's a unique actor who elevates any project. After playing horror final girls and Princess Peach, Taylor-Joy's most memorable job was her award-winning performance in The Queen's Gambit, which established her as a powerhouse.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Millie Bobby Brown's face has been printed on more goods than any other young actor. After playing Eleven in Stranger Things, the actress became famous worldwide. Brown has had entertaining roles in Enola Holmes and Godzilla thanks to the legendary character, which has allowed her to exhibit her emotional range

Millie Bobby Brown

Since playing Spider-Man, Tom Holland's profile has soared. However, the British actor has shown his versatility beyond Peter Parker. Holland has starred in several dramatic films, including The Devil All the Time and Cherry, in addition to action films like Uncharted.

Tom Holland