The Best Indoor Plants that Grow from Cuttings

Arrowhead Vine

Cutting a 6-12-inch stem portion lets you plant it in soil or watch the roots develop in water. New roots grow after a week or two, and new leaves after a month.

Chinese Evergreen

You may keep your Chinese Evergreen in water indefinitely after propagating from a cutting. I've never tried it, but people may soon!

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is called because it blooms around Christmas every year. For your Christmas Cactus to root, keep your cuttings in a cool, dry spot for a few days.


Most people advocate propagating coleus in water, not soil. It takes 2-3 weeks for cuttings to establish roots, making it one of the quickest and simplest houseplants to reproduce.


One of the 15 types of cordylines that are commonly grown in homes. Take a cutting from the tip or a piece of stem to grow yourself some more of these beloved palm-like plants.

Corn Plant

Corn plants have been popular European houseplants since the mid-1800s. Some individuals prefer air layering, a more complicated way of propagating corn plants by growing roots


Put the top 4 inches of a good stem in soil. Soon, new roots will develop. This plant is perfect for beginners to propagate from cuttings.