These 8 Plants Will Give Any Shade Garden Color and Texture


Foxgloves are biennials admired for their vibrant, tubular flowers which attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. Despite their beauty, all parts of the plant are extremely toxic.but likes to add a little sparkle.


Primroses are hardy and colorful flowers that thrive in various climates. They prefer partial to full shade, with morning sun being beneficial.


Browallia, a beautiful annual, comes in periwinkle blue, white, and violet shades. It s perfect for shady baskets, window boxes, and containers, growing about a foot wide and tall.


Hostas range in size and are excellent for adding texture and greenery. They re favored by deer and rabbits, so consider deer-resistant plants if these animals are common visitors.

Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potato vines thrive in both sun and shade and come in shades of purple, burgundy, and chartreuse. They look great spilling over containers and window boxes.


Begonias thrive in various conditions, including full shade, and range from six inches to three feet tall. Some varieties are grown for their striking variegated foliage.


Ligularia, also known as the leopard plant, has large leaves and bright yellow flowers. It thrives in shade and boggy conditions, growing from three to eight feet tall.


Violas, with their happy-faced flowers, tolerate full sun in spring and fall but need part shade in summer. They are annuals but some self-seed and can reappear in spring.