Trump criminal trial wraps for the day after opening statements and first witness

Pecker's Testimony

David Pecker, former chairman of the National Enquirer s parent company, testified about his editorial control and financial oversight.

Editorial Approval

He revealed that major stories required his approval if costs exceeded $10,000, highlighting his influence.

Private Email

Pecker mentioned a private email for sensitive matters, indicating a level of secrecy.

Immunity Deal

Pecker received immunity for his testimony, and his company reached a non-prosecution agreement.

Prosecution's Focus

The prosecution framed the case as a criminal conspiracy and cover-up.

Defense Assertion

Trump's attorney asserted innocence and promised to raise reasonable doubt.

Judicial Schedule

The judge adjourned proceedings until 11 a.m. ET the next day.

Trial Implications

Pecker's testimony and opening statements set the stage for a contentious trial, emphasizing credibility and evidence interpretation.