What Do Grizzly Bears Eat?

Omnivorous Diet

Grizzly bears have an omnivorous diet, consuming both plant and animal matter.

Fish Feast

Grizzlies are known for catching and eating fish, especially salmon during spawning season.

Large Mammals

They hunt and eat large mammals such as deer, elk, and moose, especially young or weakened individuals.

Carrion Consumption

Grizzly bears often scavenge and eat carrion, the carcasses of dead animals.

Seasonal Variations

Their diet changes with the seasons, relying more on plants in spring and summer, and more on meat and fish in fall.

Human Food

In areas near human habitation, grizzlies might consume human food and garbage.

Foraging Behavior

Grizzlies are opportunistic feeders, foraging for the most readily available and nutritious food sources.